Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun at the Lake!

out with daddy in the boat...

Looking Around

Aidan is getting much stronger now and is able to hold his head up better! And he's just so darn cute!

Rest in Peace

A couple weeks ago we discovered that our kitty, Nymh, had cancer of the liver and spleen. His tumors were inoperable and we had to say good bye to himmuch earlier than we ever thought we would. Nymh was a good cat, friend, snuggle buddy, and all around great family member. We miss him a lot.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears, well not quite...

We took the kids up to Waterloo Park to the "zoo" they have there so they could see all the animals. Aidan slept through the whole thing but Lilly was quite interested!

This is Crush the speedy tortoise from the southern Sahara... he was very fast motoring around the pen! It was hard to get a pic of him!

Here are Mommy, Aidan, Lilly and spectators watching the lightning tortoise!

These are the two pigs at the park called Bacon and Eggs... They will not be going to the market the sign says.

Hey don't I know you from somewhere?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Awww! Couple of pics I had to put on here

Here are Zach and Aidan swinging away in thier respective devices! Thanks to Jacki and JP for letting us hang out at their place during our recent renovation time.

Love these pony tails and the barret! Our little girl is growing up everyday... *sigh*

Big Boy!

As promised here are some recent pics of Aidan - he is now over 10 lbs and growing! Kids are amazing!

Fun at the Splash Pad!

While Daddy and Aidan "worked" on finishing our new bow window, Mommy and Lilly went to the splash pad & park to have some fun!

How do the they do that?

One thing I have always found interesting is how babies can sleep in the weirdest positions!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Check Up

Today was Aidan's first visit to the doctor. Everything went well and he is in great health and doing fine! He had his first set of shots too! All we can say is OUCH! Lilly stood by for moral support and was not entirely happy that her brother got stuck then cried a lot! Thank goodness for infant motrin. The other good thing is that we found out how much little boy weighs now - almost 11 lbs (4.87 kg)! Wow! Not bad at all for 3 months old.

Will post pics later once I get them off the camera.