Friday, November 16, 2007

First Tooth

Aidan cut his first tooth yesterday. I was thinking that he had something coming Ijsut didnt think it would erupt that quickly. That explains some of the sleeping issues he is having. We thought he just had gas having started solid food in the last month. So it looks like the second one is on its way also. Our little baby is getting bigger and bigger each day!

Aidan also caught a mild case of the croup this week as well. So that has been really fun too. He is getting better. Luckily our doctor could see us right away yesterday so we couuld address that "barking" cough!

Mommy would now like to get some sleep - yah like that will happen...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Winnie the Pooh and Tig(g)er too!

Aren't they the cutest kids?

Hallowe'en was a success! Lilly has caught on really well to the whole "trick or treat" concept and was a real pro at the neighbour's doors! Aidan stayed in the stroller and he and Daddy took Lilly around the neighbourhood. Mommy stayed home to hand out treats and do 3 loads of laundry, fold 3 previous loads, unload and load the dishwasher, sweep up, clean the table, clear off supper, and run up and down the stairs many times because the door bell will never ring unless your are in the laundry room.

The kids had a great time outside and even though it was very windy out the temperature was about 13 degrees C when they started. We still have lots of loot left and will be looking for somewhere to "share" it soon. LOL!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Check up...

Aidan went for his 4 month shots and check up yesterday. I know, but I always like to leave it a little longer so the kids have some time to put on more fat where they needle them in the leg!

He got through it well with little crying at the time but did get a fever earlier this morning. So far he isfine now.

We also found out how much he weighs! A really solid 12.5 lbs or 5.65 kg! And he is now 24 inches or 62 cm long!

Good news is we can start solid food soon too. We have to get the high chair cleaned up and into the dining room!

Aidan's Baptism

This past Sunday Aidan was baptised in our church in Monkton. We love this church, the village and all the friends we made there there so it seemed fitting that we should have Aidan baptised there just like Lilly. Our good friend Theresa performed the ceremony as one of her last official duties as minister there before she starts a new position so it was doubly special. It was also great to see all our neighbours and see all our friends. You really do know how special a place is when you can go away for a while and when you come back it's like you never left.

Family made it out as well including Grandmas, Grampas, Great Aunts and Uncles. Then everyone headed back to our house (a bit if a drive so thank all of you for doing it!) for a meal prepared by Grandma. Lilly had a great time trying out all the laps, eating grapes, eating crackers, and generally loving all the attention. Aidan is still having "strange" issues and will cry when there is too much excitement and he is away from Mommy or Daddy. He's still little so he's allowed ;)

There were to be 3 baby boys baptised that day. Unfortunately, one little guy came down with chicken pox so he had to stay home. The amazing thing is that ALL the boys were named Aidan! I could not believe it! I guess we werent as original as we thought! The only thing our Aidan did different was to have only one middle name. What a neat day.

Thank you Theresa, all our friends in Monkton and our family for making it a special day.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love You

Lilly really wants to hold her baby brother so with the right set up I let her do it. Funny how he looks to be as big as she is! I cant believe how interested Aidan is in her! He loves to watch what she is doing and always has a smile for her - I hope that is how it will always be.

Head's Up!

Baby boy moves around too fast so couldnt get a face shot of this one. He has been holding his head up and rolling over from side to side for a week or more now! Yay! Not bad for a little premie huh? Soon the crawling will start... better start re-baby-proofing the house!

Baking a mess

Thanks to Grandma and Grampa for givin us the great apples from their trees! We had a great time making up pies and we ate them all up!


We went to the community Fire Hall a little while ago - someone had a blast climbing through the trucks and meeting the firefighters! Lilly had a good time too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Fecal Matter

I spent waaay too much time deciding what to call this blog... I tried a few out like "Fun with Feces!", "De-throned" and "Our new Oubliette" but decided that the one up top was probably fine and would get some attention however udeserved it may be. Yes you could say I am not getting out much...

On Friday I had planned to clean up the house - things are far behind and I wanted to get something accomplished other than laundry this weekend. I got a bunch of stuff done upstairs and went to the main floor to put something away and discovered a trail of water in front of the basement door. I traced it back and found that the bathroom floor was covered in water as well. I thought the toilet had overflowed so I carefully checked it out. Nope not that. Then I had a thought but I called Drew first. I asked if he had used the main bathroom that morning and he said no. I checked the bowl and the water shut off and said to him that it appeared that the water was coming from under the toilet. Yay that means whatever kind of gasket is on the toilet it was no longer working. Great. Drew immediately rushed home while I checked on the computer in the basement as it unluckily sits below the bathroom. Thank goodness no damage just a couple drips! It appeared we had caught the problem in time. So that began our day and night of removing the toilet replacing the worn out rubber gasket with a wax one and fixing the toilet tank as it was leaking into the bowl as well. Drew did a great job and has become quite the handyman around the house!

I am really rethinking this whole desire to have a clean house deal... EVERY time we have done a thorough job on some part of the house it breaks. No kidding.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Aidan Update

Little boy has been busy today! He has discovered, you guessed it, his FEET! "What are thost things?" he asks himslef while grabbing his legs to get them closer. What fascinating appendages those feet are today!

Aidan had also begun to roll over from back to front today - he has been trying this over the past couple weeks with a few successes but today he did id twice on purpose. He just has to get his arms out the way. :)

We think that we will also have quite a talker in Aidan as he is also jabbering up a storm when he is playing on teh floor. Sometimes I have to run back andcheck to see if he is crying or not!

more later!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's gonna be one of those weeks...

Drew came home sick with a cold on the weekend, then was off on Monday as he was so tired and yuck he stayed in bed for most of the day... I was hoping to come out unscathed but now Lilly is sick and miserable and now I am getting it too... Baby just started barfing today... *sigh* here we go into the winter season. Quick get a truckload of vitamin C!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fun at the Lake!

out with daddy in the boat...

Looking Around

Aidan is getting much stronger now and is able to hold his head up better! And he's just so darn cute!

Rest in Peace

A couple weeks ago we discovered that our kitty, Nymh, had cancer of the liver and spleen. His tumors were inoperable and we had to say good bye to himmuch earlier than we ever thought we would. Nymh was a good cat, friend, snuggle buddy, and all around great family member. We miss him a lot.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Lions and tigers and bears, well not quite...

We took the kids up to Waterloo Park to the "zoo" they have there so they could see all the animals. Aidan slept through the whole thing but Lilly was quite interested!

This is Crush the speedy tortoise from the southern Sahara... he was very fast motoring around the pen! It was hard to get a pic of him!

Here are Mommy, Aidan, Lilly and spectators watching the lightning tortoise!

These are the two pigs at the park called Bacon and Eggs... They will not be going to the market the sign says.

Hey don't I know you from somewhere?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Awww! Couple of pics I had to put on here

Here are Zach and Aidan swinging away in thier respective devices! Thanks to Jacki and JP for letting us hang out at their place during our recent renovation time.

Love these pony tails and the barret! Our little girl is growing up everyday... *sigh*

Big Boy!

As promised here are some recent pics of Aidan - he is now over 10 lbs and growing! Kids are amazing!

Fun at the Splash Pad!

While Daddy and Aidan "worked" on finishing our new bow window, Mommy and Lilly went to the splash pad & park to have some fun!

How do the they do that?

One thing I have always found interesting is how babies can sleep in the weirdest positions!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Check Up

Today was Aidan's first visit to the doctor. Everything went well and he is in great health and doing fine! He had his first set of shots too! All we can say is OUCH! Lilly stood by for moral support and was not entirely happy that her brother got stuck then cried a lot! Thank goodness for infant motrin. The other good thing is that we found out how much little boy weighs now - almost 11 lbs (4.87 kg)! Wow! Not bad at all for 3 months old.

Will post pics later once I get them off the camera.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Could it be? A tantrum free day!

Today was blissful! Got up, got my brekkie, kissed the hubby so he could go to work, got my shower, got dressed, prepped little girl's brekkie, she woke up and the day started there. (amazing I got to take care of myself this morning!)

I could not believe it. But I went with the flow anyways. I took the kids out to walmart to get some toddler toothpaste, Aidan slept in the car seat in the cart, Lilly had her harness on and walked beside the cart as we found the paste. Then we saw the crayola sale, chose some new washable markers, then went to the paper section of the store and found the biggest (area) pad of paper we could find and one novelty pad with funny marks on the pages. We went to the cashier paid for it, got back in the car. Got gas while Lilly coloured with the purple marker on the novelty pad in the back seat. We then proceeded to the promised trip to the library to get more "shows" got it all signed out and went home. ALL without incident. The rest of the day went equally well, with a few minor hiccups but no nuclear meltdowns.

We coloured with the new markers and paper most of the day and watched a new "purple dragon" (Barney) then had supper. Daddy had an appt so Mommy was left to do bath and bedtime alone with 2 kiddies. All went off whitout a hitch. Bathtime was not a war zone, bedtime was pleasant with a nice story. All I can say is whoa.

Thank the Lord for miracles.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pepper and Bananas & the Dress

So this morning Lilly has her usual breakfast, meaning that she always eats her brekkie, so I went upstairs to get something and came back down to find her trying to add black pepper to her sliced bananas! She asked me to add some pepperto them "right there" pointing to a spot on her dish. I tried to explain that while innovative, pepper and bananas might not be the flavour sensation she was hoping for. Now I have to go and clean off the pepper shaker, it's covered in banana guck... ah the life.

Usually every morning it is WWF at our place to try and get Lilly dressed. I was totally prepared the other day for the usual, pile driver, head locks and escapes. The day turned out to be different. We went up to Lilly's room and she picked out an outfit right away and put it on no questions asked and we went downstairs. I was so shocked (and pleased!) that I had to take a picture. (I also think it helped that she knew Grandma and Grampa were coming for a visit that afternoon!)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thank you!

Thank you Uncle Dael for my new windbreaker set! I've trashed the jacket a couple times at DQ but it washes up great so far! I call this my Uncle Dael Jacket... you rock!

Monday, July 2, 2007

What a cute little guy!

Our little boy is getting bigger everyday! Look at those cheeks! We are now getting smiles everyday. At last weigh in A was 8 lbs, 8 ozs. He is lots bigger now I am sure.

Tea Time everyone!

Tea time is fun in the play room! All the Little People and the McD's toys get together for a relaxing tea beverage and some cake and cookies.

Merci Beaucoup / Thank you!

Merci Grandma et Grampa Pelletier de la baguette magique féerique. Je joue avec elle beaucoup ! Elle fait un joli bruit !

Thank you Autie Eden for my new friend Huney-Bear. She is lots of fun, I like to try to take her head band off.

Merci Grandma et Grampa Pelletier mes nouveaux dormeurs ! Je peux les porter maintenant. Je suis assez grand ! J'étais de 8 livres, 8 onces il y a une semaine. Je dois être plus grand à ce jour…

(Mommy hopes that she used the right French words for these! Maybe Mommy's friend Vicky can let her know... ;)

Thank you Lord for my Little Brother
Thank you Lord for my Big Sister
Merci Dieu de mon petit frère.
Merci Dieu de ma grande soeur.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Weight update

Sorry everyone, I have not had enough time to update you on A's progress! Here is some quick news to get up to speed. We had A weighed this week and he is now up to 7 lbs 12.5 ozs! Hooray! He now has cute little chubby cheeks and at the risk of being rude, now has cheeks on the other end too! (Well it takes premie babies longer to get these items than full term babies so it is worth noting :)

We were also fortunate to get an appointment with a pediatrician this week to check on A's leg. Amazingly he fully extended the leg for the first time on Monday and we had the appt on Tuesday. The dr. spent a lot of time working the joints and checking reflexes while we were there but could not say that there was anything visibly wrong from the outside. We are now scheduled to have an ultrasound of the hip done next week to see if there is anything detectable that way. Thanks for all the prayers from our friends as that obviously helped A's progress this week!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

How times flies...

Here are some great pre-Fathers Day pictures...
Daddy and Lilly reading a book and Myrrh (cat)enjoying the story too!
We love you Daddy!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mommy and baby boy

Thought I'd just place this one here as well... Gotta love moments like these...


We have been down to Poppa's (Lilly's great grandfather) new residence a few times now to see him and he is doing really well so far. Lilly enjoys going to Poppa's house and has enjoyed all the nurses and the other residents there who, of course, adore little kids and babies. I think that Lilly feels like quite a celebrity when she goes there! Here are two cute pics of her helping out... had to share.

Out of the mouths of babes

We're sitting around the supper table the other night eating and having a conversation when Lilly turns to Daddy and says, "I want timbits." She has been having these sugary treats off and on since baby was born and has developed a taste for them (like who hasnt!). This is the conversation that ensued after Lilly kept repeating during the "adult conversation", "I want timbits!"

L: I want timbits.
D: No Lilly there arent any.
L: I want timbits.
D: There arent any, honey.
L: I want timbits!
D: You ate all the timbits, there arent any more.
L: I want timbits!
D: (exasperated) Daddy wants a million dollars.
L: Go to work!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

All around

Baby boy is now 3 weeks old! I cant believe it.

We went for our clinic appointment this week for our check up. Drew and Chantale had a small bet going as to how big Aidan would be at this appt. Chantale guessed 6 lbs 3 ozs and Drew said he would go for 6 lbs 5 ozs. Guess what? Baby boy was 6 lbs 7.5 ozs! Amazing! Yup Mommy's parts are working just fine thank you!

We also noticed this week that Aidan was holding one of his legs differently than the other. We brought this up with our midwives and we are now going to get an appt with the pediatrician (hopefully soon) as there may be something wrong with Aidan's hip. So far it does not seem really serious as he is just laying there most of the time but this does explain why he screams so much during a diaper change. He does not like to have the leg moved too much. Thank you to our friends at the PCRC for praying for Aidan and we hope that he will be all right soon.

In other news Mommy had her first diaper changing injury this past weekend. I was leaning over to comfort the little one when he shot me in the eye with his sharp little nails! Ouch! I am now sporting a scratched cornea... after the doc gave me eye drops things are much better. I can drive again.

Everything else is going great here. Grandma has come down for a visit for a while to help Mommy and play with Lilly. So far Lilly really likes having someone else around to talk to. Thanks Grandma, Mommy needs the help!

Big sis Lilly is having some adjustment issues with the baby being here and Mommy being busy with baby but like everything we all have to learn how to cope and Lilly will figure it out soon. Mommy and Daddy are being as patient as possible (and then some!).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Mystery Solved!

For the past several weeks L has been saying to us, "Take nog off!" then laughing hilariously at some "inside" joke we know nothing about. We have been trying to ascertain what a nog is the whole time but she just keeps laughing about it and repeating it off an on. Well yesterday the case was solved! I was trying to get her dressed in her room when she got up on the chest and pointed to the walpaper border she has been systematically pulling off the wall since we moved in. (we have not redecorated her room yet) She touched it and said, "Take nog off!". Now I am not sure why "nog" means this paper but hey if it works for her... :)

Kids are the best! You can't write better material... really.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rough day...

Today began between 2 and 3 am... Poor little boy could not settle, started a fever, would not eat, whined for a few hours straight and could not sleep. I called the midwives and they came right over this morning. We almost went to emergency, but luckily A started to come around and calm down, eat and breathe normally. I admit I was scared! It is amazing how fast things can change with a little baby like him - for bad and good. We spent the day making sure he was fed, and sleeping well and making sure big sis Lilly was occupied.

Mommy is very tired only having gotten a few hours sleep last night and about 1 hour today... your brain starts racing and you are listening to any sounds baby and toddler make.

On the upside - A is now 5 lbs 11 ozs!

Thank goodness for good, compassionate & skilled midwives. Thank you to Sky and Chantale.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Happy (early) Birthday Lilly!

Yesterday we had a great visit with Grandma P., Auntie Deena, Uncle Peter and cousins Riley and Kyra! Lilly will be 2 years old this week so they all came down to celebrate with Lilly and her new brother! Thank you for all the nice presents!

And a good "clean"time was had by all... then the water turned purple thanks to some fizzing bath bombs provided by Grandma for the occasion! Then it was off to bed for everyone... Big bathtubs are awesome!

Daddy and Aidan decided to sleep in the other day while Mommy and Lilly had breakfast. Aww aren't our guys so cute?