Sunday, November 2, 2008

First Hair Cut!

Cutting the pony tail!

Oh my gosh, my baby's baby-hair is cut off! I got to keep it though.

She was quite excited!

The finished "do". What a cutie!

I decided to run in and see if I could get my hair done or at least make and appointment. They could take me right away - lucky! Then Lilly says, "I want my hair done too!"

I made sure that she was serious and she was. This is the result! No fear and she was quite thrilled with herself, being a big girl and all. She had a great time! It was a suprise, but it was so much easier brushing her hair tonight.

*sniff* my little girl is getting to be so big!

First Snow Fall

Ahh the first bit of snow... ok we've had enough it can go now. Although the kids were so thrilled to see it! (until they realized that snow suits were part of the deal!)