Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our little Architect!

I came upstairs to find Lilly making her track designs. She didnt have enough piers so she went to the Tupperware drawer and figured out how to make her own! Here she is testing it out. Note she also used left over tracks to hold up the other side. I was amazed at her ingenuity!
Look at that!

Here is an aerial view of the track in progress. She also used the bridge in her design. No help from Mommy on this project. See the strategic use of buffers as well in the project. We cannot have the trains running off the end of the track. :)
More testing of the tracks to see if the trains run smoothly. I wasnt sure a year ago when we started to buying this Thomas stuff what would come of it, but this is well worth it!

Mr. Strong and Sensitive

All I could say was, "awwwwwww"...

Snow snow and snow...

There doesnt seem to be a shortage of this stuff this year....

Events in November 2008... yah I have been busy :)

I took the kids to Remebrance Day at the cenotaph this year. It is really important they know about this. Above is part of the parade of flags and below Lilly is wearing a photo of my Grandfather who served in WWII. He passed away this year.

This is what happens when you mix 2 kids who watch Bob the Builder, and Daddy not being fast enough putting the groceries away... Palisade of Pop