Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love You

Lilly really wants to hold her baby brother so with the right set up I let her do it. Funny how he looks to be as big as she is! I cant believe how interested Aidan is in her! He loves to watch what she is doing and always has a smile for her - I hope that is how it will always be.

Head's Up!

Baby boy moves around too fast so couldnt get a face shot of this one. He has been holding his head up and rolling over from side to side for a week or more now! Yay! Not bad for a little premie huh? Soon the crawling will start... better start re-baby-proofing the house!

Baking a mess

Thanks to Grandma and Grampa for givin us the great apples from their trees! We had a great time making up pies and we ate them all up!


We went to the community Fire Hall a little while ago - someone had a blast climbing through the trucks and meeting the firefighters! Lilly had a good time too.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Fecal Matter

I spent waaay too much time deciding what to call this blog... I tried a few out like "Fun with Feces!", "De-throned" and "Our new Oubliette" but decided that the one up top was probably fine and would get some attention however udeserved it may be. Yes you could say I am not getting out much...

On Friday I had planned to clean up the house - things are far behind and I wanted to get something accomplished other than laundry this weekend. I got a bunch of stuff done upstairs and went to the main floor to put something away and discovered a trail of water in front of the basement door. I traced it back and found that the bathroom floor was covered in water as well. I thought the toilet had overflowed so I carefully checked it out. Nope not that. Then I had a thought but I called Drew first. I asked if he had used the main bathroom that morning and he said no. I checked the bowl and the water shut off and said to him that it appeared that the water was coming from under the toilet. Yay that means whatever kind of gasket is on the toilet it was no longer working. Great. Drew immediately rushed home while I checked on the computer in the basement as it unluckily sits below the bathroom. Thank goodness no damage just a couple drips! It appeared we had caught the problem in time. So that began our day and night of removing the toilet replacing the worn out rubber gasket with a wax one and fixing the toilet tank as it was leaking into the bowl as well. Drew did a great job and has become quite the handyman around the house!

I am really rethinking this whole desire to have a clean house deal... EVERY time we have done a thorough job on some part of the house it breaks. No kidding.

Friday, September 14, 2007

The Aidan Update

Little boy has been busy today! He has discovered, you guessed it, his FEET! "What are thost things?" he asks himslef while grabbing his legs to get them closer. What fascinating appendages those feet are today!

Aidan had also begun to roll over from back to front today - he has been trying this over the past couple weeks with a few successes but today he did id twice on purpose. He just has to get his arms out the way. :)

We think that we will also have quite a talker in Aidan as he is also jabbering up a storm when he is playing on teh floor. Sometimes I have to run back andcheck to see if he is crying or not!

more later!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's gonna be one of those weeks...

Drew came home sick with a cold on the weekend, then was off on Monday as he was so tired and yuck he stayed in bed for most of the day... I was hoping to come out unscathed but now Lilly is sick and miserable and now I am getting it too... Baby just started barfing today... *sigh* here we go into the winter season. Quick get a truckload of vitamin C!