Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things so far...

Talking about this new baby about to arrive...

When we found out back in December or so, I was pretty upset. We had just made the decision to not have any more kiddies and were in the process of finding homes for all our baby paraphernalia. Then SURPRISE! Luckily we found out when we did or we would have had to buy everything all over again!

Then you get over being surprised and start focusing on what you have to do to keep one toddler and one pre-schooler occupied and taken care of while you're battling morning sickness, a growing mid-section and fatigue like you've never had before. I decided early on that the morning sickness medication and my diet had to get ramped up. It worked! I also made sure to exercise regularly as well (until we all came down with a Norwalk bug in the New Year...). Hubby and I also made sure we stuck to the routines of nap and bedtime like glue so that we didnt get lax and get ourselves in to trouble.

Long story short, this pregnancy has turned out to be the best one physically that I have experienced and I've finally learned to cope well! Yay for learning curves!

We have been fortunate to have a very supportive team of midwives again and for the most part I have been realtively healthy. The only exception being 3 rounds of antibiotics to fight a persistent UTI. Other than that things have been very good. We have been blessed with a good doctor and chiropractor who have been working together with us to make sure that things get done and that I am able to function. Thanks!

We are now in the home stretch and waiting to see if this baby will make an appearance as early as its big sister and brother. The funny thing is that I am not sure what I will do with myself if I do go longer than the last two! The heat will surely be very uncomfortable as the summer progresses. Swelling is not pleasant.

Drew has begun to get the baby's room together and we have moved the two oldest into one room. That has been an experience all on its own! But they are having fun "sleeping over" and for the most part are learning to sleep in spite of the other one being in the room.

Both of our moms have been down for a few days each to help us catch up on things like sleep and laundry - THANKS! The kids were so spoiled and they loved it!

I still have not gotten my hospital bag completely packed, I really should get on that. I have the call list done for who will come here when the labour starts to look after the kids. Grandma is waiting in the wings to whisk down and be here while we are at the hospital. So far so good!

At my last appointment the baby's head was down. I go for a final ultra sound to determine cervical length and baby position soon. We'll see if we get any advanced warning. I am not sure we will. All in all baby seems to be doing well and moving a lot, just like its siblings. We did not find out the sex this time although I was wanting to. Drew prefers it to be a surprise so we'll wait and see what happens. Lilly is determined that this baby is a girl and has picked out her name and everything. She said that God told her it was a girl - who are we to argue with that? Aidan says that I have a baby in my tummy and so does he. Kids are the best aren't they?