Wednesday, June 11, 2008

This is from the kid's birthday party in May... Had to put in a picture of them and the famous Gordon Cake (of Thomas and Friends fame) made by Daddy. We cnat believe that they are 3 and 1 year old now... amazing!

just swinging & sliding at the park

Having some fun at the neighbourhood park... not all pics are from the same day but a great place for the kids to play... It is amazing to see them growing and learning.

Our beautiful girl...

Girl in the garden... a classic... they are getting big so fast... flowers and the kids... *sigh*

Yee Haw!

Everyone please meet Aidan's new friend, Brownie. We met him at Value Village and he decided he wanted to come home with us. Aidan has got an excellent dismount (the getting in the saddle is still difficult) and rides the new horse every day! Aren't they cute!