Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's been along time...

Ok so here we are back again after what several months? I know I know but in my defense I was completely exhausted!

Here is a run down of some of the exciting things that have happened since 2007:
  • Aidan has now cut 6 teeth total
  • Aidan is walking! Yay as of 5 days ago!
  • Aidan refused to eat anything that may remotely be "baby food" if you're not eating it he doesnt want it
  • Lilly talks almost non-stop and can use fairly complicate vocabulary
  • Lilly is in love with anything Thomas the Tank Engine
  • We have been really sick almost all winter - strangely it was Mommy who got REALLY sick this time for about 4 weeks. then got sick for another 2... sigh
  • Mommy was very sad when her Poppa passed away in February - I miss you Pop.
  • Daddy is the only one who seems to have been normal through all this!
  • Daddy has been very handy around the house and constructed a new shed in the fall and then installed our new water softener, did all the plumbing for it too, and re-worked all the electrical in our laundry room.
  • Daddy also, with the help of my Dad, put in a pressure regulator so we dont blow anymore shower heads in this house. (our water pressure was at 92 psi! We got it down to 60 psi...)
There are probably more things but it's too late to add them all here now. Needless to say life has certanly gotten more busy and more hectic. I am just not sure where the time has gone... We are just weeks away from our baby's 1 year birthday! Soon he will be a little boy toddling around...

Lilly and Aidan you will always be our babies...