Friday, October 24, 2008

Kids say the darndest things PART II

We were driving by one of the car dealerships in town and from the back seat I hear:

L: That drives me NUTS!
M: (surprised) Lilly, what did you say?
L: Cars on the grass drive me NUTS!
M: Cars on the grass drive you nuts?! (think to myself, where did this come from?)
L: Cars should drive on the road, not on the grass. They have to be safe, on the grass is not safe, if you were going to the french fry place (Mcd's) and cars were driving all over the place that would not be good.
M: (trying not to laugh) I agree, cars should be on the road. Good thing that you noticed!
L: yeah.

We tried this later with Daddy in the car and a "set-up" from Mommy - Daddy got a good chuckle too!