Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mr. Difficult-to-get-a-picture-of...

One of the only pictures where he is not a blur! Iwas thinking that we werent getting any pictures of Aidan... I checked I have lots of pictures, they're all blurry because he cant stop moving long enough! So here is one from breakfast time... most of him is still... amazing for a 2.5 yr old!

Princess Halloween

It was Halloween parade for the kindergarten students at school. We had this costume around for a long time since Grandma bought it for Lilly over a year ago (maybe 2?). She can fit into it now! We got little ballet slippers and one of the plastic tiara sets. She was so thrilled to go to school like this. We were also able to use the poncho and muff that Grandma got Lilly as well. we told her she looked like Belle in the poncho. She spent the after noon sitting in her princess dress watching Sleeping Beauty! Awwwww... :)

She still likes trains and trucks so no worries...

Our Littlest Boy

Our little baby is now 3 months old! How quickly time flies when you're so busy like we are! Aaron can now roll over at will and has great head control. He will be just as busy as big brother and sister. I need to get back in shape to keep up with these kids!