Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Check up...

Aidan went for his 4 month shots and check up yesterday. I know, but I always like to leave it a little longer so the kids have some time to put on more fat where they needle them in the leg!

He got through it well with little crying at the time but did get a fever earlier this morning. So far he isfine now.

We also found out how much he weighs! A really solid 12.5 lbs or 5.65 kg! And he is now 24 inches or 62 cm long!

Good news is we can start solid food soon too. We have to get the high chair cleaned up and into the dining room!

Aidan's Baptism

This past Sunday Aidan was baptised in our church in Monkton. We love this church, the village and all the friends we made there there so it seemed fitting that we should have Aidan baptised there just like Lilly. Our good friend Theresa performed the ceremony as one of her last official duties as minister there before she starts a new position so it was doubly special. It was also great to see all our neighbours and see all our friends. You really do know how special a place is when you can go away for a while and when you come back it's like you never left.

Family made it out as well including Grandmas, Grampas, Great Aunts and Uncles. Then everyone headed back to our house (a bit if a drive so thank all of you for doing it!) for a meal prepared by Grandma. Lilly had a great time trying out all the laps, eating grapes, eating crackers, and generally loving all the attention. Aidan is still having "strange" issues and will cry when there is too much excitement and he is away from Mommy or Daddy. He's still little so he's allowed ;)

There were to be 3 baby boys baptised that day. Unfortunately, one little guy came down with chicken pox so he had to stay home. The amazing thing is that ALL the boys were named Aidan! I could not believe it! I guess we werent as original as we thought! The only thing our Aidan did different was to have only one middle name. What a neat day.

Thank you Theresa, all our friends in Monkton and our family for making it a special day.