Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Aunt Eden Visit: Departure... we miss you

Waiting for the train to come. Checking out the tracks at the station and watching the level crossing down the way.

Auntie Eden about to board the train. Wow we are so close! Lilly was surprised at how "loud and stinky" the train was. Aidan was scared whenit pulled up to the station. Lilly has been carrying around her train book that Eden gave her all day!

Bye Bye Auntie Eden! Thanks for the visit! We miss you already. Hope that you had good train ride!

Lilly was surprised at how empty the station was when the train left! She wanted to know where all the people went!

Aunt Eden Visit: Doon Village

Here we met a cow named "Lily" as well as sheep, pigs, chickens and goats!

Aidan enjoying the view of the barnyard. Both kids are fascinated by the animals there.

Lilly and Auntie Eden out side the general store.

Aunt Eden Visit: Mountain trek

Auntie Eden came to visit this summer and we got to do lots of things together! Here is the trek up the "biggest hill" We had a lot of fun!

Splash Park

Gotta visit these places once in a while! It hasnt been too hot this year though.

Up the Mountain...

It's more like a huge hill in the middle of the city. It used to be a dump years ago and is being rehabilitated. It is quite the trek! Great exercise for us and the kids.

Lilly, Aidan and the Train...

Luckily for us Waterloo has a railroad that runs from Waterloo to St. Jacobs in the summer. The steam engine isnt working this year but the diesel is. We went to check it out one day. We have yet to ride these trains but we'll see!

Lilly and the Trains...

I think that everyone knows how much Lilly is in love with locomotives. Thomas started it and we've encouraged it. You can ask her lots of questions and she knows the answers. She knows where the pistons are, the drive wheels, what a diesel electric is and a steam engine, the tender, the boiler and all that stuff. She now gets "big" train books from the library to look at the pictures. She has even made up her own song about narrow gauge engines... I know, you'll have to look that up. It is pretty amazing. This locomotive lives at Doon Heritage and Lilly makes sure to tell you that, "it doesnt have a face."

Our little boy is getting bigger!

It is amazing all the things that he can do now - a year goes by so fast!

Gone Fishing...?

Big gold fish - what a way to keep kids entertained! Thanks Sheridan! These fish are so neat, and very large!

New Road Construction

Construction was all over the place near our house this summer so the kids LOVED it! They got to see all the big machines and we didnt have to go very far either! What a great (and free) trip it was for them to watch that stuff during the day! I think most of the little kids made freinds with the machine operators this summer!

Fun at the park - again!

The park is a favourite place to be!


I will be uploading some new pictures over the next while showing what we have been up this summer. Things have been busy! Hope that everyone else is doing well! We are enjoying the fantastic weather this year and loving that we havent had to use the AC as much! Woo hoo!