Monday, March 22, 2010

Crawling little guy!

Thought we should post this one. He's learning so fast he wont be doing this for long.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lessons in Relationships from a 2.5 year old

Aidan has been trying to understand (or make us understand) different relationships within our family. Here is what he thinks about Uncle Dael...

Aidan: Aaron is my little brother.
Mom: What is Lilly?
Aidan: She is my sister.
Lilly: I am your big sister (because she has to get that "big" part in there)
Aidan: Uncle Dael is my brother too.
Mom: No, Uncle Dael is my brother.
Aidan: He is not, he is my brother.
Mom: No, he is my brother, that makes him your uncle.
Aidan: No.
Mom: Then what is Uncle Dael?
Aidan: He is my friend.
Mom: Yes he is and he is your uncle.
Aidan: (exasperated) No!
Mom: Then what is Uncle Dael to you?
Aidan: (thinks for a second) Really tall.

Lessons in Anatomy from a 2.5 year old

We were getting ready to head out for a walk this nice sunny day. Aidan doesnt want to get his diaper changed, I am not sure how this conversation came about but here is what happened:

Aidan: Lilly does not have a penis
Mom: She doesn't?
Aidan: No, only I have a penis
Mom: That is because she is a girl.
Aidan: I have a penis, Aaron has a penis, Lilly and you don't have a penis.
Mom: That's right, we are girls and you and Aaron are boys. What does Daddy have?
Aidan: Daddy doesnt have a penis.
Mom: He doesn't?
Aidan: No.
Mom: Well what does Daddy have then? He is a boy like you.
Aidan: No he is not.
Mom: What does Daddy have then?
Aidan: He has a bum. A big bum. (then turns away obviously done with my silly questions, like geez mom...)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

When kids dress themselves

I love it... the creativity of an almost 5 yr old... where does the time go?

Had to post this one...

It's not what you think... really. He hurt his finger and had to show daddy... yep that is the truth.

Baby pictures an update

Aaron is quite a happy little boy. These pictures are from February 2010. As you can see he has grown a lot! At the last Dr. appt he was 17 pounds! He is learning to crawl now and can get most places on his tummy, pulling along! Too cute!


As we were watching the cardinals visiting our back yard (this is always a treat because they are so vibrant against the white snow!) our middle guy shared some information with us...

Mommy: Aidan, look out the window there is the lady red-bird!
Aidan: I cant see it... oh there it is
Mommy: Look the Mr. red-bird is here too look at him!
Aidan: I see him!
Mommy: Maybe they are going to make a nest near here.
Aidan: I can't fly in the sky...
Daddy: What is that Bud?
Aidan: I can't fly in the sky... up there.
Daddy: Oh why not?
Aidan: Because I don't have any wings.
Daddy: You don't?
Aidan: No, my wings would be like this... (show us how to flap his arms gracefully if he had wings)

Just imagine a 2.5 year old sitting at the table gracefully flapping his arms... too cute