Thursday, July 26, 2007

Could it be? A tantrum free day!

Today was blissful! Got up, got my brekkie, kissed the hubby so he could go to work, got my shower, got dressed, prepped little girl's brekkie, she woke up and the day started there. (amazing I got to take care of myself this morning!)

I could not believe it. But I went with the flow anyways. I took the kids out to walmart to get some toddler toothpaste, Aidan slept in the car seat in the cart, Lilly had her harness on and walked beside the cart as we found the paste. Then we saw the crayola sale, chose some new washable markers, then went to the paper section of the store and found the biggest (area) pad of paper we could find and one novelty pad with funny marks on the pages. We went to the cashier paid for it, got back in the car. Got gas while Lilly coloured with the purple marker on the novelty pad in the back seat. We then proceeded to the promised trip to the library to get more "shows" got it all signed out and went home. ALL without incident. The rest of the day went equally well, with a few minor hiccups but no nuclear meltdowns.

We coloured with the new markers and paper most of the day and watched a new "purple dragon" (Barney) then had supper. Daddy had an appt so Mommy was left to do bath and bedtime alone with 2 kiddies. All went off whitout a hitch. Bathtime was not a war zone, bedtime was pleasant with a nice story. All I can say is whoa.

Thank the Lord for miracles.

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mommy2monkeyNgobo said...

Hope you get many more of those days!! Maybe it's a sign of things to come.