Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Fecal Matter

I spent waaay too much time deciding what to call this blog... I tried a few out like "Fun with Feces!", "De-throned" and "Our new Oubliette" but decided that the one up top was probably fine and would get some attention however udeserved it may be. Yes you could say I am not getting out much...

On Friday I had planned to clean up the house - things are far behind and I wanted to get something accomplished other than laundry this weekend. I got a bunch of stuff done upstairs and went to the main floor to put something away and discovered a trail of water in front of the basement door. I traced it back and found that the bathroom floor was covered in water as well. I thought the toilet had overflowed so I carefully checked it out. Nope not that. Then I had a thought but I called Drew first. I asked if he had used the main bathroom that morning and he said no. I checked the bowl and the water shut off and said to him that it appeared that the water was coming from under the toilet. Yay that means whatever kind of gasket is on the toilet it was no longer working. Great. Drew immediately rushed home while I checked on the computer in the basement as it unluckily sits below the bathroom. Thank goodness no damage just a couple drips! It appeared we had caught the problem in time. So that began our day and night of removing the toilet replacing the worn out rubber gasket with a wax one and fixing the toilet tank as it was leaking into the bowl as well. Drew did a great job and has become quite the handyman around the house!

I am really rethinking this whole desire to have a clean house deal... EVERY time we have done a thorough job on some part of the house it breaks. No kidding.

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mommy2monkeyNgobo said...

Lesson learned. Stop cleaning. It just makes the higher power(s) angry, apparently.