Saturday, September 27, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Before I get into this I should provide some background to this story. A little while ago Drew was fixing our gate and needed to use the screwdriver to get the large screws out that held in the hinges. His faithful and ever-present assistant Lilly was close at hand learning as much as she could about screw drivers and associated hardware. It should also be noted that Daddy-dear is the best "fixer" in the world according the Lilly and should anything be broken she is optimistic that Daddy can and will repair it. Too bad we cant all add this to our resumes huh?

I was a little worn out the other day and just needed a few minutes of shut-eye while Lilly played trains and Aidan was napping. True to her inquisitive nature Lilly had to come and ask me if I was all right. I explained that I wasnt feeling well (tired) and just needed to rest and take a break for a bit. Here is the conversation that followed:

L: Mommy are you ok?
M: Yes, mommy just wants to feel better. I need to rest for a few minutes.
L: You feel bad? Daddy can help you. He is a good fixer.
M: That's good sweetie (trying to get her to go play)
L: Daddy can screw you, you know.
M: (eyes open in surprise)
L: Daddy can screw you to pieces and then you will feel better fast. He is good at screwing.

My nap ended there... as she proceeded to explain how to screw things... with the screwdriver...