Sunday, February 28, 2010


As we were watching the cardinals visiting our back yard (this is always a treat because they are so vibrant against the white snow!) our middle guy shared some information with us...

Mommy: Aidan, look out the window there is the lady red-bird!
Aidan: I cant see it... oh there it is
Mommy: Look the Mr. red-bird is here too look at him!
Aidan: I see him!
Mommy: Maybe they are going to make a nest near here.
Aidan: I can't fly in the sky...
Daddy: What is that Bud?
Aidan: I can't fly in the sky... up there.
Daddy: Oh why not?
Aidan: Because I don't have any wings.
Daddy: You don't?
Aidan: No, my wings would be like this... (show us how to flap his arms gracefully if he had wings)

Just imagine a 2.5 year old sitting at the table gracefully flapping his arms... too cute

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