Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lessons in Anatomy from a 2.5 year old

We were getting ready to head out for a walk this nice sunny day. Aidan doesnt want to get his diaper changed, I am not sure how this conversation came about but here is what happened:

Aidan: Lilly does not have a penis
Mom: She doesn't?
Aidan: No, only I have a penis
Mom: That is because she is a girl.
Aidan: I have a penis, Aaron has a penis, Lilly and you don't have a penis.
Mom: That's right, we are girls and you and Aaron are boys. What does Daddy have?
Aidan: Daddy doesnt have a penis.
Mom: He doesn't?
Aidan: No.
Mom: Well what does Daddy have then? He is a boy like you.
Aidan: No he is not.
Mom: What does Daddy have then?
Aidan: He has a bum. A big bum. (then turns away obviously done with my silly questions, like geez mom...)

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