Saturday, April 28, 2007

Making Connections...

We realized that a bunch of our friends have not seen our little one for quite a while. I will post a recent pic here for all to enjoy. Here she is playing with a new toy car Grandpa B. made for her. She calls it, "papa-car" and it gets pulled around the house by a string.

This is a funny story that has to be shared if for nothing else it is so darn cute.

Lilly and I were making egg salad one day. She wanted to help peel the hardboiled eggs so I showed her how to crack the shells and peel them off. She was very intent on her new job, and is becoming a very good helper in the kitchen. She got through the peeling process and decided to poke her finger through the white part to see what happened, then she decided to try and take a bite. I figured I really didnt need the extra egg and if she wanted to try it, well why not? I turned to the counter to start mixing the eggs together and suddenly she says, "Mommy, yawow tibbit!" She was very excited. When I turned to her again she had gotten the yolk out of the white and was holding it triumphantly in her hand... I tried not to laugh and went through the explantions of the anatomy of the hard boiled egg, white and yolk... but the yolk is still best described as the "yellow timbit." Ahh the pervasiveness of Tim Horton's... she is a true Canadian.

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