Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes

We're sitting around the supper table the other night eating and having a conversation when Lilly turns to Daddy and says, "I want timbits." She has been having these sugary treats off and on since baby was born and has developed a taste for them (like who hasnt!). This is the conversation that ensued after Lilly kept repeating during the "adult conversation", "I want timbits!"

L: I want timbits.
D: No Lilly there arent any.
L: I want timbits.
D: There arent any, honey.
L: I want timbits!
D: You ate all the timbits, there arent any more.
L: I want timbits!
D: (exasperated) Daddy wants a million dollars.
L: Go to work!


Italia girl said...
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Italia girl said...

That's awesome - I love your little one.

mommy2monkeyNgobo said...

Love it! Smart girl. (Too bad that wasn't all it took to get a million dollars....)

auntiedee said...

Kids are so smart, they understand more than we give them credit for! good job Lilly, you make the family proud!