Thursday, May 31, 2007

All around

Baby boy is now 3 weeks old! I cant believe it.

We went for our clinic appointment this week for our check up. Drew and Chantale had a small bet going as to how big Aidan would be at this appt. Chantale guessed 6 lbs 3 ozs and Drew said he would go for 6 lbs 5 ozs. Guess what? Baby boy was 6 lbs 7.5 ozs! Amazing! Yup Mommy's parts are working just fine thank you!

We also noticed this week that Aidan was holding one of his legs differently than the other. We brought this up with our midwives and we are now going to get an appt with the pediatrician (hopefully soon) as there may be something wrong with Aidan's hip. So far it does not seem really serious as he is just laying there most of the time but this does explain why he screams so much during a diaper change. He does not like to have the leg moved too much. Thank you to our friends at the PCRC for praying for Aidan and we hope that he will be all right soon.

In other news Mommy had her first diaper changing injury this past weekend. I was leaning over to comfort the little one when he shot me in the eye with his sharp little nails! Ouch! I am now sporting a scratched cornea... after the doc gave me eye drops things are much better. I can drive again.

Everything else is going great here. Grandma has come down for a visit for a while to help Mommy and play with Lilly. So far Lilly really likes having someone else around to talk to. Thanks Grandma, Mommy needs the help!

Big sis Lilly is having some adjustment issues with the baby being here and Mommy being busy with baby but like everything we all have to learn how to cope and Lilly will figure it out soon. Mommy and Daddy are being as patient as possible (and then some!).

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