Sunday, January 18, 2009

Talkin' away

Aidan has been trying out new words for a few months now, but has pretty much stayed to using just one word at a time. He has well over 50 words - I've lost count because he will now parrot words that you say.

Today we came down for breakfast and got all settled in eating oatmeal and the usual breakfast fare when he says, "Morning Lilly, morning Mommy, morning, Daddy." He is looking at each of us directly, smiles, and continues eating. How cool is that? We were so proud.

What is funny though is that he cant say "L" yet so Lilly comes out as "yee-yee".

Before this the longest bunch of words strung together was, "put in bowl!" But that was a while ago.

Our little boy is growing up!

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mommy2monkeyNgobo said...

I know! It goes so fast :( But every stage is cute in it's own way. I love how they talk right now :) We get "A-yex" and "Zacha-wee"