Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby's Room part 2

We'll be painting out all the trim. This is the painitng "in progress" shot.

The paint is on the walls and done! We chose a nice green for this room. Not too dark and not too light. Nice and clean and gender neutral! We had to wait a bit longer than we thought to get the trim done. Some of it took 4 coats (by choice due to location). The tape is off and we are going to set about vacuuming, cleaning up, hopefully shampooing the carpet, then it will be furniture time. I'd like to put something on the walls but seeing as we dont know the sex of the baby it will have to wait. Drew has put a lot of time into getting this room ready. He put in some really late nights and is very tired. He did a fabulous job. You cant even tell where that damage from the chair rail was it is so smooth!