Thursday, July 23, 2009

Full term excitment... achieved!

Whew! Today we have reached 37 weeks.

The OB appt went well yesterday, although incredibly quickly! Nothing has gotten worse since last week. The ultrasound was fine, BP was fine and I have not gained any weight either. (I find that just weird). My care has now been transferred back to my midwives and since we have reached the "full term" portion of this pregnancy I am feeling pretty good - well mostly.

I spoke with my midwife yesterday to find out what all this transferring and stuff means. I am still on "light duty" but I can try to do a few things now but I am not allowed to be a "hero". So no vacuuming, I can drive a little, I can help with the laundry but I should not be doing all the lifting etc. So I am still in the same boat but going into labour now is not as much of a crisis as it would have been last week. My midwife says she wants me to keep the baby in until 38 weeks - to which I said "What?! This is the longest I've had one of these in!" I have honestly gotten to the point where I dont know what to do with myself.

This is a new experience for me physically. I admit my body really hurts now. Yes, all of my "full term" friends are probably saying "well that's what the rest of us have to do!" So I'll deal with it. LOL! These third babies really do throw us for a loop as I was warned. I have to admit though, over all, this has been the nicest pregnancy so far. I hope it ends well too.

On another upside I have managed to get 3 knitting/crocheting projects done this week that have been waiting and waiting! Yay for small blessings. :) I am now working on my first "soaker" (for those of you who cloth diaper). It is going well.

Thank you to all our friends and family who have stepped in to help us out, manage the kids, do housework, keep me in check, make sure I nap, make us meals and check in on us. We're still going to need you even after this baby comes but thank you for making sure we are taken care of. My sister arrives tomorrow for the next changing of the guard. Thank you everyone!

We'll keep you updated with what is going on here as much as we can.

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