Wednesday, July 1, 2009

thank you for wonderful gifts!

At the end of the season the PCRC we attend has a BBQ lunch for all the families that come to the centre. As always it is quite busy as there are a lot of us that use the centre. The kids have a great time, so do the parents and the workers are great to us. This year they went step further and had gifts for all the kids. The kids were allowed to go in and pick a gift to take home. That was such a nice surprise, so not expected!

Lilly went in and contrary to her usual tastes she decided to pick out a baby doll with all the pieces! She wasnt coerced or anything. So she now has a baby who has been getting a lot of attention since it came home ( it is a girl baby). Lilly has been practising taking care of the baby, feeding, nap times, walks in the stroller. She's getting ready for the new "real" baby to come home! So sweet and very compassionate.

Aidan picked out a transport truck that transports cars. He has now figured out how the whole thing works, even how to get at the motor by lifting up the hood - which I cannot do by the way.

The nice thing is that both kids are sharing the toys and taking turns! Lilly gets a "truck fix" for a while and Aidan gets to walk the baby in the stroller for a while!

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