Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Mystery Solved!

For the past several weeks L has been saying to us, "Take nog off!" then laughing hilariously at some "inside" joke we know nothing about. We have been trying to ascertain what a nog is the whole time but she just keeps laughing about it and repeating it off an on. Well yesterday the case was solved! I was trying to get her dressed in her room when she got up on the chest and pointed to the walpaper border she has been systematically pulling off the wall since we moved in. (we have not redecorated her room yet) She touched it and said, "Take nog off!". Now I am not sure why "nog" means this paper but hey if it works for her... :)

Kids are the best! You can't write better material... really.

1 comment:

Eden: The Garden Of said...

nog...ugly wallpaper...I think it works!
In fact can I use it as a new word to replace things that arent pretty?

Way to go L on adding to the english language!