Monday, May 7, 2007

Digging in the dirt

Over the weekend Lilly and Daddy had a great time playing in the dirt! Daddy is a really good Dirt Doctor so Lilly is having lots of fun copying what he does. She thinks that his garden tools are much better than hers so she will always grab the good tools now. The plastic ones are fine too, just not the ones that Daddy uses. It was fun watching the two of them work together. Mommy cant really get around right now to play in the dirt too so I sit and watch and take pictures. Lilly has also learned about "sun-notion" (sunscreen) and makes sure that she gets some on before she goes out. The only struggle we have is keeping the hat on! Everyday it is a different hat too. One day it might be the purple hat another day the blue hat. The challenge is keeping track of where the hats end up when they come back in the house!

Lilly had another lesson in planting this weekend too. Drew got her some cherry tomato plants that we decided to plant in planters. We figure that this way she can learn about where food comes from and if she is hungry she can grab one instead of candies or something. Well, that is the idea anyway - we'll see if it works!

Drew has shown her how to "put the plants to bed". She knows that the plants have to stay in thedirt now! She also seems to be getting the idea that the plants are going to get bigger. We had a bit of an issue with some snap dragons we got for her to plant - she went back later and took them out to show us root ball and all! They seem to have survived so far.

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