Sunday, May 13, 2007

We're Home! Thank you!

We're Home

All we can say is wow. It is the best gift in the world.

We were sent home yesterday afternoon after Aidan went thru a battery of tests to determine if he was all right to go. He had to do his PKU, meet the pediatrician again, check his feeding, do the 90 min. car seat test (to see if he can breathe when in the car seat), hearing test etc. Basically, our midwife tells us we just make our babies faster and smaller than other people (ha ha). So far all is well and we are learning to establish a feeding routine. He is still pretty small so opening his mouth really wide will need work. Lilly is enjoying her new baby brother and is learning to "pet" baby's hair and identify body parts.

Thank you

Grampa Dan for looking after Lilly when we rushed off to hospital Thursday morning.

Sky, Chantal, Julie, Gaby & Nicole for helping us through the pregnancy and delivery

Dr. Heick & Lori for helping Mommy with her back in the last few weeks of pregnancy

Kimberley for helping Mommy learn how to do Hypnobirthing as it really helped Mommy conserve energy during labour and cope with pain before and after delivery

Barbara, Kate, Benita, & Sharon for looking after Mommy in the hospital

Kim, Gisela, Beth, Brenda, Anna, Mary for looking after Aidan & Mommy in the NICU

Paula and Joe, Mary, Cindy and Paul, and Rachelle for looking after Lilly when Daddy had to attend feeding & Kangaroo time with Aidan

Uncle Ron & Aunt Dorothy for delivering baby supplies to our house

Dr.Cresswell for giving us the all clear to go home

The staff at Tim Hortons for feeding Mommy... (ha ha they feed everyone)

Hoping we havent forgotten anyone but we are sleep depr? something... didnt get enough sleep last night...

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